Bottoms up!

I did it! I filled the wall! I made enough work! I feel blessed and so excited! I learned so much! Here is some images of my final install. Abstract Place is where we exsist, it uncompases community, culture and lifestyle. In my work, collage like assemblages and fragments based on neighborhood, communicate the expereince … More Bottoms up!

Wild wild west

As I walk through the valley of the food desert where fast food flourishes and drugs are plentiful say hi to my neighbor as I  know what they’re doing once they go inside birds chirping? No just the neighbor puking an arts District where artists are afraid to walk at night Stories of condos in … More Wild wild west

Final Semester.

Currently, I am working… like a lot. I have so much to make my head is spinning in tornado of anxiety and delight.   So I am going to keep this brief, What I am reading: (This week)     What I am thinking about?(This week) making more. Just staying focused and making as much … More Final Semester.

Final Week

I wanted to share my progress of the semester. Wow has it been busy.. I need to just work work work. I want this body of work to be huge and abundant… all that’s on my mind right now, is I need to produce more! Excited for break, I will be in the studio non- … More Final Week

Prompt 6/ Books

I read multiple books at once. Here’s what I am  currently reading, In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time Paperback – April 5, 2011 by Peter Lovenheim for enjoyment. I really enjoy Kerouac, and since I have been studying Buddhism this book has been very entertaining. This book was suggested … More Prompt 6/ Books