Wild wild west

As I walk through the valley of the food desert
where fast food flourishes and drugs are plentiful
say hi to my neighbor as I  know what they’re doing once they go inside

birds chirping? No just the neighbor puking

an arts District where artists are afraid to walk at night

Stories of condos in Breweries tumble through the Internet while gunshots and dead bodies are delivered to our doors

Children play oblivious to the crime and the danger I watch them and wonder what they’ll be like when they’re older

Crime grows and oddly rent skyrockets
I drink a daily cocktail of concern sympathy anger frustration and annoyance

Why must you buy drugs while babies are sitting in your backseat

Why do me and my friends have to pick up your dirty needles and careless litter?

I can no longer go outside for my front yard has been surrendered to crime

“Please report your concerns to 311 we will handle these in a timely manner”

Cops drive-by with a click quick glance as though they have somewhere better to be as they watch a highschooler being beaten by her boyfriend

This is the redeveloping neighborhood the place that all the newspapers are encouraging you to move to. these are all the lives that are being affected and I unwanted unwarranted

Welcome to the wild Wild West

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