Bottoms up!

I did it! I filled the wall! I made enough work! I feel blessed and so excited! I learned so much! Here is some images of my final install.


Place is where we exsist, it uncompases community, culture and lifestyle. In my work, collage like assemblages and fragments based on neighborhood, communicate the expereince of my surroundings. The interest in place, began from growing up in poor neighborhoods and wishing I could live somewhere safer, cleaner, and bigger. My whole life, I have moved frequently and had a hard time identifying a place as home. Due to frequent moving, I gained the abiliy to adapt and be exposed to many different communities throughout city life. My current place, Franklinton, has been the most welcoming, unique, and dangerous place I have lived. I like to call it the city of answers, every vision I have and idea I want to communicate- Franklinton and the wonderful people in it have encouraged.

In this body of work, I want to capture my memories, stories and experience to share with my audience. The intent, is to recurrate this inspiring, scrappy, and ever-changing community in a multimaterial installation. Paint, collage and other mediums are used in a variety of materal practices to portray devastation and rebuild.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.41.45 PM


Can art communicate research as successfully as traditional ethnographical methods? I feel I was able to start a conversation about redeveloping neighborhoods while educating outsiders. The advantages to working in a visual manner is I can communicate to many different audiences at once. I can share this experince without barriers of language while making this work universally approachable. Can work in this manner inspire change or a solution?

What is next for me is to continue community art, staying impressionable by my surroundings and the people I meet, furthering this urban experience through art research and teaching.

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